MamboCaves, Usambara Mountains Tanzania

also known as the Ngozoi caves

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Welcome to the MamboCaves

The habitation of the Usmabara´s goes back to 1,5 million years. Traces were found near the village Mambo and still can be seen, one among them are the MamboCaves

MamboCavesBesides the MamboFootPrints, caves are discovered also with traces of very ancient habitation, probably from the same species as those who left the footprints. The caves must have been created due to a heavy earthquake which made a number of very big rocks fall over each other. Earthquakes with that heavy impact are not known in recent Tanzanian history so they also must have very ancient origins. Since the Usambara Mountains are about 100 million year old this is very well possible.


everal expeditions were organized with professor in history Mr. Ngema from the National Historic Documentary and Mr. Jumanne Gekora Maburi, archaeologist at the ministry of natural resources, antiquities division. Those investigations proved that the caves have traces of ancient and modern habitation.

till a lot of investigation has to be done. Since a lot of water passes through the caves during rain seasons the traces of the older habitation are covered by sand and rocks and have to excavated.

Known is that in ancient times the caves were used by the
Usamba's who were living in the mountains and were attacked by the Massai. Women and children were hiding in the caves during war-times and men were on the outlook upon the rocks. The name of the near by village Mtae still remembers of those days. Mtae means counting, people were counting how many attackers were ascending so the defenders knew how many stones they had to throw.

Today it is a peacefull place with a very special atmosphere which made natural healers make practice there. On the way to the caves you can enjoy nice views in the direction of the Pare mountains and the Mkomazi national park.